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ZXD Separated Type Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation Equipment/System
The hydrogen generation capacity of single equipment is up to 20Nm3/h-1500Nm3/h,and hydrogen generation’s layout is achieved by station.
The structure of gas-liquid processor, whose process is simple, is frame combined, making the installation, operation and maintenance easier.
The purity of the hydrogen generated can reach to 99.99%, Oxygen 99.2%,the dew point reaches -70 ℃.
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Containerized-type Water electrolysis hydrogen generation plant
ZXD Containerized-type Water electrolysis hydrogen generation plant/System,Integrated electrolyzer, gas-liquid processor,tower purification equipment, control cabinet, rectifier cabinet.The hydrogen production capacity of high purity hydrogen can reach 100 Nm3 / h per set
The purity of hydrogen is 99.999% and the dew point is - 70 ℃.
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Integrated water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment
The integrated water electrolysis hydrogen production system is a hydrogen production system which integrates the electrolyzer, separator, gas-liquid processor frame and hydrogen drying device. The hydrogen production system and drying system are combined into one. The hydrogen production of a single equipment is 5nm3/h-10nm3/h, the purity higher than 99.99%, and the dew point is lower than - 60%°C
Hydrogen purification system
The hydrogen purification unit adopt two (three) dryers to work in turn and feed gas regeneration mode according to the needs of users. The pneumatic valve in the device is controlled by PLC program, which can realize the automatic switching of the working state of the dryer,it has the function of automatic drainage. The hydrogen purity of the product is 99.999%, the oxygen content is less than or equal to 1ppm, and the water content less than or equal to 1ppm (dew point is less than -70 ℃)
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Hydrogen bus-bar
The hydrogen bus-bar is a hydrogen distribution system independently produced by ZXD,which Installed behind the hydrogen generator, it can monitor the pressure of each hydrogen storage tank, alarm and interlock, and realize the automatic distribution, storage and extraction of multiple storage tanks
The system has reasonable layout, structure connection and high degree of automation, and is widely used in power plants, hydrogen stations and gas companies
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The cooling water circulation system is composed of cooling water tank, cooling water pump plate heat exchanger, butterfly valve, pipeline, etc form to a heat exchanger equipment.
It is the supporting equipment of water electrolysis hydrogen production system, hydrogen purification (drying) system or other cooling water system, which helps to improve the stability of electrolysis temperature of water electrolysis equipment and the service life of cooling water pipes and heat exchangers.