Do you envision green hydrogen as the future? We want to hear from you! We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who want to share their diverse knowledge and experiences with our dynamic and international team. Check out our job openings below or send us an email on why think you're a good match.

Job openings

  • R & D (electrolyzer) chemist or chemical engineer

    ZXDH2 is a unique and rapidly developing electrolyzer manufacturer.Our mission is to replace fossil fuels.If the research and development of electrolyzer excites you, ZXDH2 may be the right place for you.

    Our energetic, enthusiastic and goal oriented team is looking for a polymer chemist or chemical engineer who will be responsible for the research, optimization and characterization of existing or promising new materials.

    Your Duties
    Study on properties and stability of polymer in alkaline medium for electrolysis
    Continuous evaluation of different commercial and experimental ion exchange polymer products
    Integrate polymer products into ZXDH2 system
    To explore ways to increase the chemical yield of our current electrocatalysts
    Study key reaction parameters, such as addition rate, pH, kinetics, mass and heat transfer
    The synthesized products were characterized by various techniques (bet, XRD, TEM, RDE)
    Understand the equipment working under pressure and seals / gaskets

    Your profile:
    Minimum master's degree in organic / polymer chemistry or Industrial Chemistry
    At least 1-2 years of academic or industrial experience in polymers (ion exchange, conductive and / or high performance polymers) used in electrochemical equipment

    We offer:
    Among the one of the most dynamic hydrogen companies in the industry, there is an opportunity to help shape the energy future
    Pay in line with the market
    Great responsibility, freedom of creation
    Flat hierarchy and excellent green hydrogen colleagues
    We know that different groups can move forward faster.As a research and development company, this is particularly important to us.
    That's why we advocate and celebrate diversity.We definitely welcome any application that brings more perspective to ZXDH2.So if you think you can add new insights to our team with your unique background and experience, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you! 
  • Silicon rectifier Design Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1.Silicon rectifier DC power supply system : Electrical drawing design,Selection of electrical components,in-factory testing,etc
    2. According to the technical requirements, complete the overall design of rectifier power supply
    3. Customer site debugging and Problem handling,etc

    Job requirements:
    1. Full time college degree or above,Power electronics and related majors
    2. Understand the principle of silicon rectifier power supply, electrical diagram, electrical component selection
    3. Able to use AutoCAD and related office software
    4. Working experience is preferred
    5. Able to work under pressure
  • Electrical Design

    PLC program design, control cabinet design, installation and commissioning, electrical wiring, strong electrical system design, low-voltage system design

    Main work: project electrical design (including power distribution, power, control cabinets, etc.)
    1、 Responsible for the project program according to the process.
    2、 Assist marketing department to provide bidding scheme.
    3、 Determine each cabinet schematic diagram, internal and external wiring diagram, component layout diagram according to the scheme.
    4、 List of equipment, instrument list, electrical components, PLC component list according to the program.
    5、 Electrical assembly and testing.

    1、 With college degree or above
    2、 Majors related to electrical or mechatronics
    3、 Familiar with the basic knowledge of electrical, understand the parameters and performance of electrical components.
    4、 Familiar with strong and weak current standards, cabinet processing and organization.
    5、 Responsible for the maintenance of electrical equipment in the whole factory.
    6、 Compile the processing technology manual.
  • Chemical technology Designer

    Job title: Chemical technology Designer

    Job requirements:
    The main work is process design of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment : System design, equipment design, electrolyzer structure, electrode material, sealing material development and improvement.

    1. Responsible for project scheme (system)
    2. Assist marketing department to provide bidding proposal.
    3. Make equipment list, instrument list, valve list and pipe fitting list according to the proposal.
    4. Familiar with basic gas theory.
    5. Knowledge of electrochemical theory
    6. Knowledge of chemical instrument.
    7. Understand the basic knowledge of chemical engineering design, have a certain design basis for equipment positioning, foundation and piping.
    8. Proficient in equipment design, especially chemical equipment design
    9. Knowledge of mechanical properties of steel, knowledge of pressure vessel, accessory design and standards.
    10. 3 years working experience in water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment is preferred.