Working principle of hydrogen generator

Hydrogen generator uses liquid ammonia as raw material. After being depressurized by the liquid ammonia pressure reducing valve, it is vaporized in the vaporizer and then enters the decomposition furnace. Activated nickel catalyst is installed in the decomposition furnace. After the high-temperature gas exchanges heat with gaseous ammonia in the heat exchanger, the decomposed gas cools down, the gas ammonia recovers the heat and heats up and enters the decomposition furnace for decomposition. At the same time, a mixture of 75% hydrogen and 25% ammonia was obtained.
The mixed gas generally needs to enter the gas purification (drying) system to remove residual moisture and other impurities. The dryer is generally provided with two units, one adsorbs moisture and other impurities in the mixed gas, and the other desorbs the moisture and residual nitrogen in the heated state (generally at 300-350 ° C) to achieve regeneration and reuse Effect.