What are the advantages of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment?

Water electrolysis hydrogen production technology currently only uses electricity as a preparation process. The raw material is water. Water and electricity are used as raw materials to replace limited hydrogen ore. Moreover, products with water electrolysis hydrogen production have higher purity, no impurities, and are more popular in the market. In order to better meet the market and meet the requirements of different downstream products, we have now developed various hydrogen production equipment. Under the large-scale use of these hydrogen production equipment, the industry is mature and the operation experience is rich; there is no pollution and no carbon emissions in the process. .
At present, the advanced water electrolysis hydrogen production technology uses the internationally advanced catalyst technology of micro-nano amorphous alloys and metal oxides. There is a unique catalytic electrode in the hydrogen production equipment, which greatly reduces the hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution overpotential. Some advanced diaphragm materials and zero pole pitch structure design further reduce the structural ohmic voltage.

The power consumption of electrolytic cells in hydrogen production equipment is also different. Advanced hydrogen production equipment has advantages in power consumption. It only needs 3.8 ~ 4.0 kilowatts to produce one side of hydrogen. In comparison, the old hydrogen production The equipment needs 4.4 ~ 4.8 kilowatts to produce one side of hydrogen.
The overall energy consumption of the advanced electrolyzed water hydrogen production system is <4.4 degrees. According to the "Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Level of the Electrolyzed Water Hydrogen Production System" to be implemented, the energy efficiency level is 1 level, an advanced level reached.