Process gas analysis system of Hydrogen station

System hydrogen production and supply station Process analysis system is a complete set of online analysis scheme specially developed for hydrogen production project.
Application of field water electrolysis hydrogen production device, power plant generator set, etc.On line detection of O2, H2 and trace water in component H2.
The system consists of sampling unit, pretreatment unit, analysis unit, calibration unit, etc.
System Characteristics
Adopt dustproof or riot proof cabinet
With on-site anti riot display
Adopt Imported ceramic impedance dew point analyzer 
Software intelligent operation and RS232 / 485 communication interface
The system has a calibration circuit, which can calibrate the instrument on site
The filter designed for hydrogen production with 0.3um precision  
Adopt USA Ge analyzer
Technical parameter
Analog output: 4-20mA output
Response time: T90 ≤ 35 seconds
Operating temperature:-20°~60°
Power supply: 24 VDC
Protection grade: IP65
System components: 316L stainless steel
Anti riot standard: accord with EExiaTTCT4
Hydrogen supply parameters for hydrogen production:
Micro water analyzer:
Precision: +20℃~-60℃ within the scope of ± 1℃
-60℃~-100℃  within the scope of  ±2℃
Hydrogen purity analyzer:
Range:  90-100%/0-2%
Precision: +20℃~-60℃  
Oxygen content analyzer:
Range:  0-5%/0-10PPm
Parameters of hydrogen cooling unit
Hydrogen purity analyzer:
Range: H2 in air: 80-100%
H2 in CO2: 0-100%
Micro water analyzer
Precision:  + 2% of full scale
Range: - 100 ℃ ~ + 20 ℃ °
Precision: +20℃~-60℃ Within the scope of ±1℃
-60℃~-100℃ Within the scope of ±2℃