It's Hydrogen versatile

Hydrogen is one of the world's most versatile energy carriers, energy stores, and industrial feedstocks. Found in methane and propane as well as water, where it can be extracted as a gas by electrolysis. It is key to the decarbonisation of our planet.

When supplied by renewable electricity for production, hydrogen becomes a clean source of energy. Producing green hydrogen only emits oxygen and heat as it's by-products which can be harvested for further use.
Large manufacturing plants are energy-intensive. Organisations can benefit from using hydrogen production technology, such as our Alkaline ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer. Using renewable electricity produced from solar or wind can produce green hydrogen to power equipment and machinery while reducing a business's carbon footprint.
Hydrogen means zero-emissions. Cars, buses, trucks, and trains can use hydrogen. Off-road vehicles and equipment such as forklift trucks, airport ground support equipment, agricultural machinery and generators can all be hydrogen fuelled for the future eliminating carbon and noise pollution.