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Hydrogen for Shipping

Atmospheric emissions from the maritime sector far exceed those of the road transport sector.

Fortunately ships can be fuelled directly with hydrogen, or alternatively it can be used as a feedstock for producing green liquid fuels. Short-range hydrogen boats and ferries are currently being demonstrated, while multi-MW fuel cells and large scale hydrogen production facilities are being developed to facilitate zero-emission ocean going ships.

Because of packaging constraints on board ships, it is likely that some types will be fuelled by hydrogen while others will be fuelled by a liquid fuel synthesised from green hydrogen (e.g. synthetic natural gas, diesel, ammonia).

Tech Specs
Hydrogen production:
Oxygen production:
Hydrogen purity:
Oxygen purity:
Dew point:
System working pressure:
Working temperature of electrolyzer:
Rated working current of electrolytic cell:
Rated working voltage of electrolytic cell:
Unit power consumption:
≤4.5kW.h/ N.m3