Hydrogen energy and energy storage

In the national plan of the 14th five year plan this year, hydrogen energy and energy storage are included in strategic emerging industries, and are specifically classified into future industries, which are listed in the same list as brain like intelligence, quantum information, gene technology, future network and deep sea air and sky development.
How to plan forward? The plan mentioned that "in areas with outstanding advantages in science and education resources and strong industrial base, a number of national industrial and technological institutes will be arranged to strengthen the multi-path exploration, cross integration and subversive technology supply of frontier technology. The project of cross-border integration of industries shall be implemented to create future technology application scenarios and accelerate the formation of a number of future industries. 」
It is not surprising that hydrogen energy and energy storage also occupy a lot of space in the 14th five year plan of Chengdu, which was launched on March 22.
In terms of energy storage, in the chapter of strengthening the modern energy supply guarantee, the paper proposes to strengthen the construction of energy storage and intelligent grid, support the access of renewable energy power, and explore the application of new technologies such as distributed energy, energy storage, AC and DC hybrid distribution network.
In terms of hydrogen energy, in the chapter on fostering and expanding new economy and future economic form, it is proposed to build new economic characteristic new track in Chengdu, such as quantum communication, blockchain and hydrogen energy; in the chapter of promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction and climate change, it is proposed to focus on promoting the development and utilization of new energy such as hydrogen energy and photovoltaic, deepen the reform of energy factor price and create a clean, low-carbon and efficient energy system.

From the two plans, Chengdu's description of hydrogen energy and energy storage is more specific, not only responding to the national plan of the 14th five year plan, but also pointing out the implementation direction for local hydrogen energy and energy storage.