How to maintain and maintain hydrogen production equipment in use

In the process of using hydrogen production equipment, it is inevitable that the hydrogen production equipment needs to be maintained, but many users only know how to use it and have never maintained the hydrogen production equipment, so how to maintain the hydrogen production equipment?
1. Purpose
The daily maintenance and maintenance of hydrogen production equipment is mainly prevention. Combining repair and maintenance, overhaul of hydrogen production equipment requires a large price. In daily use, it must be properly maintained and carefully maintained to keep the hydrogen production equipment in good condition. status.
2. Maintenance principle of hydrogen production equipment
For the maintenance of hydrogen production equipment, it is necessary to have someone responsible for the equipment, pipelines, valves, and meters to prevent the equipment from freezing.

3. Maintenance of hydrogen production equipment
3.1 In the process of using hydrogen production equipment, check once every shift, about 10 minutes each time is sufficient, mainly to see if the equipment is lubricated and safe
3.2 The hydrogen production equipment is inspected once a week. It takes about one hour at a time. It mainly cleans and maintains the equipment, lubricates, tightens, adjusts, and removes rust to keep the equipment clean and lubricated, and maintains a good condition.
3.3 Check once a month for 4 hours. It mainly inspects the steam, gas, water and oil circuits of hydrogen production equipment; cleans the parts to be cleaned, performs precision inspection on vulnerable parts, and finds any problems in a timely manner. Solve the problem, make the equipment comprehensively maintained, and extend the service life of the equipment.