About us

Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the design, R & D, manufacture and sales of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen storage equipment, hydrogen bus bar and hydrogen purification device in various industries for many years.
The hydrogen production capacity of the equipment produced by our company ranges from 2 m3/h to 1200m3/h.The hydrogen energy equipment of by-product hydrogen tail gas, peak shaving and frequency regulation of thermal power plant provide the design, production, installation and commissioning of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen production and hydrogenation station and technical services.

Zhongxinda is committed to the ecological coverage of hydrogen energy. 
We can independently complete the design, site installation, commissioning, start-up operation, maintenance, overhaul and technical transformation of the whole hydrogen production and supply station, and provide timely and effective after-sales service.

The company's products are used in hydrogenation station, new energy, chemical, non-ferrous metal, electric power, steel, aviation and other industries, and are sold in many countries and regions around the world, such as the United States, South Korea, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

Our goal:
Zhongxinda's goal is to be a “standard” in this area.

Our mission:
Our mission is to reduce the cost of water electrolysis while meeting the most stringent industry standards by providing professional technology, products and services.

Our vision:
Our vision is to provide green hydrogen for the world through renewable energy and set a new benchmark for the industry

Hydrogen purity:                 ≥ 99.99%
Oxygen purity:                     ≥ 99.2%
Dew point:                          ≤ - 70 ℃
System working pressure:    1.6 ~ 3.2Mpa
Working temperature of electrolyzer: 80 ~ 85 ℃
Rated working current of electrolytic cell: dc500a
Rated working voltage of electrolytic cell: DC48V
Unit power consumption: ≤ 4.5KW. H / n.m3

Water electrolysis hydrogen production process core components electrolyzer and auxiliary equipment manufacturers!
Designed for easy installation and safe, reliable, unattended operation, it provides on-site on-demand industrial gas generators to provide ultra pure H2 and O2

After-sale service
We have a professional after-sales service team for hydrogen generation system with rich experience in hydrogen machine maintenance.According to the running state and environment of hydrogen production machine , we will help you optimize and upgrade the system, design plans suitable for the operation of the machine, improve the monitoring and detection for DCS and PLC, enhance the running safety and using cycle of hydrogen production equipment, so that reduce system failure caused by peripheral equipment (hydrogen compressor, dryer, PLC controller, etc.) and equipment failure or accident caused by personnel operation mistakes.

Professional engineers understand the operation status of your hydrogen production system, and the performance indicators of core components, and propose solutions to ensure the safe operation of your hydrogen production equipment.
In order to ensure the construction period of the maintenance and reconstruction project,
The company has a variety of brands of electrolyzers in stock throughout the year. "Excellent service, professional skills, quick response" is our consistent working attitude.

We provide spare parts for the whole hydrogen production system. Regardless of equipment, components, valves or instruments, we will recommend the most suitable spare parts for your hydrogen production equipment to you according to the operating environment and state of your hydrogen production system. Under the premise of ensuring the safe and normal operation of the equipment, we will develop a cost-effective solution to save the maintenance and operation costs for you to the maximum!

Zhongxinda hydrogen energy can develop container type hydrogen production equipment, skid mounted hydrogen production equipment and cabinet type hydrogen production equipment according to different site conditions and on the basis of traditional hydrogen production equipment. We can provide customized design of hydrogen production equipment to optimize and integrate existing plant facilities